Investing In An Uncertain Market with Kathy Fettke, Episode 12

September 19, 2017


Her husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis forced today’s guest to search for financial solutions to prepare for the future. As she set out to learn about wealth creation, one asset kept coming up, real estate. While the cancer was misdiagnosed as terminal, this experience led Kathy Fettke and her husband Rich to co-found The Real Wealth Network. They live in Malibu, but invest passively all over the United States and emerging global markets. She’s appeared as a guest expert on CNN, FOX News, NPR and CNBC Marketwatch. On today’s episode of Target Market Insights, Kathy shares her thoughts on the current market cycle, where she’s investing and how to protect yourself in an uncertain market. Listen Now!



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Key Market Insights

  • How tragic news led to the creation of The Real Wealth Network

  • Kathy interviewed various guests, including Robert Kiyosaki to learn their secrets

  • Why Kathy chose 5 properties in Dallas as her first investment

  • Kathy shares the changes that have occurred in investment cycles in early 2017

  • Playing defense and offense to win in an uncertain market

  • Why Kathy is currently investing in land deals in Reno, NV and Costa Rica

  • Risks involved with low cap rate investments

  • One key thing the White House administration cannot control

  • Kathy’s starting point for vetting a new market

  • Keys to pinpointing a growing market – even when the locals are clueless

  • How Kathy stays on changes within markets: Real Wealth Network and local property managers

  • One thing Kathy does to stay focused on her goals: Exercise



Retire Rich with Rentals by Kathy Fettke 

Extreme Success by Rich Fettke 


Strategic Coach by Dan Sullivan 


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“Make every decision as if the economy is going to boom and as if it is going to bust.” – Kathy Fettke


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