How to Create a Memorable Brand with Allie LeFevere, Episode 143

There are three primary emotions that release adrenaline into our brains that create lasting memories: fear, grief, and humor. While many brands focus on fear (can you say FOMO), Allie and her partner launched the Obedient Agency to help people use humor and levity to create memorable brands. Allie has spent the last decade creating, launching, and scaling fun-centric global programs for brands + entrepreneurs, whipping up their humorous branding + marketing campaigns, and making sure every touchpoint of their customer's experience is unforgettable, unconventional, and most importantly, un-boring. Partner: Join me at the Best Ever Conference plus 5% discount with 5DEAL Key Insights Started i

Best Practices for Construction Management with Ashley Wilson, Episode 142

Managing construction projects is vital to real estate success. While many investors struggle to find, vet and manage contractors, Ashley Wilson has developed a formula for success. Ashley developed a knowledge of construction working with her father and blended it with her corporate experience to create efficient systems and processes. She partners with both her father and her husband in the business and talks to us about working with family, best practices for construction management and how to find the best workers for real estate projects. Partner: Join me at the Best Ever Conference plus 5% discount with 5DEAL Key Insights Started in short term rentals and single-family rehabs, before m

The Secret Sauce for Content Marketing with John D. Saunders, Episode 141

Content marketing has been around for a long time and has been proven to drive awareness, engagement, and conversion for many businesses. And with the rise of social media, content marketing has become easier for entrepreneurs and marketers. The challenge, however, is consistently creating compelling content and figuring out what resonates with an audience. John D. Saunders started using mini-blogs on Twitter and then re-purposing the content for Instagram. This strategy worked well as he actually started by listening to his Facebook Group on the topics and information they wanted to learn more about. John is a digital marketing strategist and the Founder of 5Four Digital and BlackWalletorg.

How Strong Partnerships Lead to Explosive Growth with Danny Randazzo, Episode 140

In the last 12 months, has added $120MM in apartments to their portfolio, bringing the total value up to $225MM. This explosive multifamily growth is driven by a partnership between Danny Randazzo and his partners Dan and Brandon. Danny moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Charleston, SC due to the growing demographics and change in lifestyle. On today’s episode, Danny shares more about his booming partnership and why they love the North and South Carolina markets. Partner: Join me at the Best Ever Conference plus 5% discount with 5DEAL Key Insights Started investing with a $1MM commercial office building Multifamily is the best asset class to protect your money, for

How to Work with Brand Designers with Maurice Cherry, Episode 139

Design is often treated as a visual commodity, but great brands connect with consumers and clients by designing an experience, not just a logo. Savvy entrepreneurs use design to develop an experience to connect with consumers, create consistency and deliver customer service. Maurice Cherry is a designer, podcaster and digital creator in Atlanta, GA. He shares why design is a critical element to brand building, customer service and connecting with your ideal client. He also shares why he launched a platform for black designers, developers and digital creatives around the world, Revision Path. It is the first podcast admitted to the Smithsonian, attributed to the National Museum of African-Ame

Passive Apartment Investing Tips with Travis Watts, Episode 138

Travis Watts has been investing since 2009, with experience in multifamily, single-family and vacation rentals. Before becoming the Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital, Travis was an investor with Joe Fairless and Ashcroft Capital for several years and has invested in more than 30% of their multifamily syndication opportunities. Travis now dedicates his time to educating others in the world of investing and has made it his mission to share passive investment strategies in order to help others achieve and maintain wealth in real estate. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Insights Grew up in Fort Collins, CO Started with SFR and 5 years later liquidated e

How to Create a Balanced Life with Maurice Philogene, Episode 137

Maurice Philogene is a full-time consultant, multifamily investor, restauranteur, reserve in the US Air Force, AND a street cop. And that doesn’t even consider his passion for travel and time with his family. So how in the world does he do it all? He started by making a purposeful decision to focus on amazing experiences, people, and connections over achieving corporate accolades. He has created passive income that empowers him to focus on his passions and request the necessary flexibility to pursue his dreams. On this episode, he talks about the mindset to create flexibility in your day job, creating passive income and focusing on the things that matter most. Partner: Download a Free Sampl

Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate with Dorian L. Carter, Episode 136

Commercial real estate presents great opportunities, but many find the space too complex to learn. Dorian L. Carter has been in commercial real estate for 14 years, focusing on retail, industrial, land development and affordable housing. Dorian hosts the Real Estate Wealth Generator Podcast and wants to see more investors, especially minorities seek out commercial opportunities. Today, he talks about his vision and why he likes medical offices in rural areas and in-fill industrial opportunities in the current market. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Insights Located in Charlotte, NC and hosts Real Estate Wealth Generator Started in residential and then took a class

Lessons Learned Between JV and Syndicated Deals with John Fortes, Episode 135

Most investors love to talk about their favorite multifamily deal. John loves to talk about his worst. After doing a JV to acquire a 62-unit, all the residents left and they ran into major issues when all the tenants left. They ended up doing multiple capital calls to get the project back on target. He also co-syndicated a 41-unit deal where all is running smooth. John hosts the Passive Investor Show and, on this episode, we talk about the lessons learned between the two deals, why communication with tenants is critical, and why passive investing is the best path to being a general partner. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Insights Joint Ventured on a 62-unit, then