From Skyscrapers to Syndications with Donato Settanni, Episode 125

Donato Settanni is a multifamily syndicator with experience as a skyscraper developer. He worked on the Yankee Stadium project, Madison Square Garden and St. Johns Terminal amongst other projects before shifting his focus to apartment syndication. Today, he shares more on his journey and how he worked on some of New York’s iconic structures before helping investors earn strong returns. Listen Now! Partner: Download Your Free Sample Deal Package Key Market Insights Intrigued with skyscrapers as a kid and went to school to become a structural engineer Worked with Turner on new construction deals including projects for Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Google’s New Headquarter Big differen

Catching Your Dreams with Jerome Myers, Episode 124

Jerome Myers broke free of his golden handcuffs when he realized his true passion was in helping others reach their potential. Since then, he’s acquired three commercial properties and is developing a 112-unit community. He’s the Chief Inspiration Officer for the Dreamcatchers podcast and shares his tips on escaping the rat race and catching your dreams, why inspiration (not motivation) is key and how he works with others to grow his portfolio. Partner: Download Your Free Sample Deal Package Key Insights Left a startup after having to let go of employees over the holidays Realized passion was coaching high school football First deal was 23 doors with a heavy value add component In Greensbor

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Network with Yonah Weiss, Episode 123

While many know social media is a powerful tool to grow your business, LinkedIn can be more challenging (and boring) than Facebook. However, LinkedIn isn’t just for job searches and connecting with headhunters. Many entrepreneurs and professionals are using LinkedIn to be social and getting to know each other. Yonah Weiss shares his best advice to use the platform effectively and create a community (and since he has 6 kids he knows about building communities). Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Insights LinkedIn has a standard of professionalism not seen on other platforms Giving value to others allows you to build trust and community Links on LinkedIn gets linked ou

How Cost Segregation Can Lower Your Taxes with Yonah Weiss, Episode 122

Cost segregation is a strategy that commercial real estate investors use to maximize tax savings through bonus depreciation. Yonah Weiss is a business director with Madison SPECS and helps clients save tens of millions in taxes. He shares more about cost segregation studies, who should employ it and the types of properties that are most ideal. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Insights People invest in real estate because of Appreciation, Cashflow and Depreciation Appreciation is the equity growing over time, monthly/quarterly cash flow and tax benefits from depreciation Depreciation is a tax deduction that assumes the property value is going down over time so you ar

Building a Dream Multifamily Team with Whitney Sewell, Episode 121

Whitney Sewell began his investing career in 2009 and has since invested in 900 doors valued at over $120 million. He hosts a daily podcast, the Real Estate Syndication show. He also owns and operates Life Bridge Capital with a purpose of creating passive returns and using a portion of the profits to help families seeking adoption. Today, he shares more about his passion for adoption, his target market, and building a dream team that has allowed him to grow his portfolio and run a daily podcast. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Market Insights Passionate about adoption but the process is a roller coaster and expensive Cost is $40k-$60k to adopt a child 50% of Life B

Solar Energy and Affordable Housing with AJ Patton, Episode 120

548 Capital is purchasing vacant land and redeveloping it into solar farms. While, solar energy can drastically reduce utility costs, the political landscape and startup costs may deter most. AJ Patton found a way to earmark solar energy for affordable housing that redevelops communities without gentrifying them. On this episode, he shares why solar energy is important, how he gained political support, and how he drives profits without drastically increasing rents. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Insights Started with Duke Realty and went to HSBC Took a job for a Hong Kong firm and was there for 10 years Worked at a Hong Kong firm on convertible debt, ski resorts,

Investing in Note Funds with Dave Van Horn, Episode 119

Since 2007, Dave Van Horn has served as President and CEO of PPR Note Co., a holding company that manages several funds that buy, sell, and hold residential mortgages nationwide. Dave has raised over $100 million dollars for both notes and commercial real estate and also owns a considerable portfolio of residential investment properties, as well as various commercial holdings. In addition to his investments and role as CEO, Dave’s biggest passion is teaching others how to build and preserve wealth. He shares how he helps investors stay in their homes, how he’s on track to build a billion-dollar company, his most rewarding piece of real estate and why he believes in helping others get what th

First Deal 2 Units, Second Deal 144 Units with Ellis Hammond, Episode 118

Ellis Hammond started with a duplex before jumping into a 144-unit apartment syndication. He now manages a private network of investors that focus on acquiring multifamily commercial real estate. He began syndicating real estate projects in 2018 with the goal of helping his friends and colleagues build wealth outside of Wall Street. On this episode, he shares how he was able to transition from his first duplex to the 144 unit deal, key questions investors should ask when exploring investment opportunities and tips to use LinkedIn to grow your investor base. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Insights Wanted a different investment strategy from mutual funds Acquired fi