How to Qualify for Commercial Loans with Scott Williams, Episode 109

The largest source of capital for real estate comes from the debt lender, but investors tend to spend little time speaking with lenders to understand their requirements. On this episode, we speak with Scott Williams of Aline Capital on how to qualify for commercial loans. He shares great tips for syndicators and shares why the interest rate is not the most important metric you should evaluate. Partner: Join Our Exclusive List and Get a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Market Insights Provides both equity and debt financing Equity: returns fluctuate with property; Debt returns are fixed Institutional equity is deal based but operator must have experience Grew up in commercial real esta

Generational Wealth Through Lease Options with Anne Amagrande, Episode 108

Anne Amagrande is helping families create generational wealth through lease options. She helps investors with turnkey investing solutions and renters become home owners. Her secret is to utilize long-term leases instead of the typical 1-3 year options that are common for lease options. Today, she elaborates on why they use longer terms, how she creates a win-win-win scenario and an overview of the Phoenix market. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Market Insights Background in flipping and economics Works with investors to place capital for direct investing Lease option model that creates a bridge between leasing and ownership Misinformation around Dodd-Frank and comp

Refinancing Apartments After Only 3 Months with Caleb Bryant, Episode 107

Buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat. The popular strategy known as BRRRR has been elevated and expedited by Caleb Bryant. He managed to implement the strategy on a large apartment complex and refinanced in just 3 months. Caleb and his Relentless Capital team have invested in 800+ units collectively. Learn more about his strategy and how he went from a touring musician to touring apartment communities with his partners. Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Key Market Insights Lives in Huntsville, AL and invests in Birmingham, AL His team has invested in over 800 doors and Caleb has invested in 170 doors Was touring as a bassist in a band through the Southeast Region Inves

How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit with Chris Prefontaine, Episode 106

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, but you don’t have cash or good credit, Chris Prefontaine has a strategy for you. He focuses on buying real estate on terms and teaching others his strategies. He is the author of Real Estate on Your Terms – Create Continuous Cash flow now without using your cash or credit. On this episode, Chris goes into more detail about rent to own strategies, sandwich lease options, and how to determine if a seller is open to creative financing. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Play. Key Market Insights Lease purchase or seller financing, gives buyers time to save and fix their credit 80% of buyer pool can’t get a traditional loan today Some pe

How to Find the Next Hot Neighborhood with Tremayne Thomas, Episode 105

Finding a great deal requires seeing something that others miss or creating an opportunity where others see work. Tremayne Thomas has been able to identify great investment opportunities by identifying the next hot neighborhoods, creating off-market solutions and remaining open-minded. Tremayne is the Principal of Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC with 10 years of investing in and marketing real estate. On this episode, he shares how to find the next hot neighborhood and investment opportunity. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Play. Key Market Insights Atlanta is great all the time and the city is changing right before our eyes The Atlanta beltline – a 22-mile walk, bike,