Lessons Learned from Losing $26 Million with Jorge Newberry, Episode 100

When a natural disaster destroyed his real estate business in 2004, Jorge Newberry was saddled with $26 million in various debts that he couldn’t pay. Through years of fighting with creditors that were trying to collect non-stop, he discovered tactics to settle those debts for pennies on the dollar – including some for nothing at all. Today, he is the founder of American Home Preservation and DebtCleanse Group Legal Services helping people navigate challenging financial times. On today’s show, he discusses his incredible story of perseverance to create a real estate empire, lose $26 million and use his experience to help others battle their debt. Be sure to check out this very special episod

Top Multifamily Markets in the US with Neal Bawa, Episode 99

Looking to find the top multifamily markets to invest in today? Then you’ll want to hear what Neal Bawa has to say. Neal is known as The Mad Scientist of Multifamily, studying data and trends constantly to identify the top markets for multifamily investing. On this episode we go through the top multifamily markets across the country including the top spots in Florida, Texas, Utah and the Midwest. Partner: Get Your Early Bird Tickets to the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit Key Market Insights Controls a portfolio worth $150MM Interest rate hikes and recessions: the two don’t typically happen simultaneously Cost for rate caps has dropped 40% due to Federal Reserve announcement Neal believ

Short-Term Rentals and Crowdfunding with Frank Valencia, Episode 98

Short-Term Rentals and Crowdfunding are two of the biggest real estate developments in recent history. Frank Valencia launched platforms to help investors take advantage of both through Bongo Property Management and Bongo Capital. Bongo PM manages over 4,000 short term rental units across the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Bongo Capital is the leading investment firm specialized in short term rental developments globally. On today’s episode, Frank shares info about domestic and international markets for short term rentals, his unique crowdfunding approach, and regulation differences across various markets. Partner: Get Your Early Bird Tickets to the Midwest Real Estate Netwo

The Dos and Don’ts of Raising Capital with Kim Lisa Taylor, Episode 97

The SEC has set forth clear guidelines of what is acceptable when raising capital for real estate. Nonetheless, some investors have made missteps that have exposed them to harsh punishments. To understand the dos and don’ts of raising capital, we sat down with securities attorney Kim Lisa Taylor. Kim is the founder of Syndication Attorneys whose sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs create sustainable, successful investment companies. On this episode, she clarifies the difference between a JV and a security, what constitutes a pre-existing relationship, and why you need to have a customer relationship marketing (CRM) system. Partner: Get Your Early Bird Tickets to the Midwest Real Estate Ne