How to be an Ultra Conservative Passive Investor with Jeremy Roll, Episode 91

Jeremy Roll is a full-time passive cash flow investor. What does that mean? Well, he spends his time vetting operators, studying economic trends and seeking passive deals. Jeremy is admittedly an ultra conservative passive investor. Today, he shares his approach to being ultra conservative and what he seeks in passive investing opportunities across different asset classes. Partner: Get Your Early Bird Tickets to the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit Key Market Insights Was seeking predictability for long-term retirement account Left the corporate world from Disney, Toyota and GM after 10 years Full-time ultra conservative passive cash flow investor Biggest challenge is finding opportunit

How to Raise Millions from Your Network with Ryan McKenna, Episode 90

Ryan McKenna was introduced to syndications in 2002 and spent 15 years studying and investing passively before taking an active investor. Ryan is the founder of McKenna Capital, a private equity firm that helps investors to become passive equity partners in institutional-quality, recession-resistant, real estate. Focusing on value-add multifamily, self-storage and manufactured home parks, McKenna Capital has helped investors allocate capital across 5,000+ units with a combined asset value over $500,000,000. On today’s episode, he shares his tips to raise millions and his principles for vetting an operator. Sponsor: Get Your Early Bird Tickets to the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit Key

What You Need to Know About Rental Registrations with Sean Morrissey, Episode 89

When brokers start telling you to look off-market for deals, you know it’s a hot market. But that’s exactly where Sean Morrissey is finding opportunities and advising clients to do the same. Sean runs a premiere property management firm in the western suburbs of Chicago. He has managed over 200+ properties and holds multiple accreditations from the Institute of Real Estate Management and the National Association of Realtors. On today’s episode, he shares why it’s important to understand the local legislation for rentals and why Chicagoland is still a good investment location. Sponsor: Get Your Early Bird Tickets to the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit Key Market Insights Purchased first

Why You Need to Avoid Deposits and Develop a Clear Scope of Work for Your Contractor with Greg Dicke

After joining the Navy out of high school, Greg Dickerson started a remodeling company and turned it into one of the largest development firms in the area. His trick was to find the best people and give them the systems and tools to be successful. Over the past 20 years, he has bought, developed and sold over $200 million in real estate. On today’s show he shares show investors can build strong teams and manage contractors more effectively. In addition, he shares his thoughts on opportunities throughout the DC and Virginia area. Key Market Insights Natural born entrepreneur, even as a little kid Dad told him he needed to make money to pay for martial arts Went into Navy out of high school S