Why A High Income Won’t Make You Rich with Charles Ayanleke, Episode 87

After constantly working 12-hour shifts as a doctor, Charles Ayanleke realized that he was not truly rich. While he made great money, he was missing out on time and moments with friends and family. Fortunately, he invested in duplexes to earn passive income, which helped him to eventually retire as a physician. On this episode, he shares why it was important for him to leave the medical field for real estate and why he invests in the Jacksonville and Cleveland markets. Key Market Insights Originally from Nigeria, lived in Ireland before moving to the U.S. Has been in Florida for the last 8 years Harsh winter of 2005 at Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio 3-year residence in Cleveland and went to

How to Structure Passive Investments with Amy Wan, Episode 86

Are you looking to raise capital or become a partner on a real estate deal? You’ll want to make sure you understand key SEC Regulations and guidelines. Today, we tapped Amy Wan, the Founder and Chief Legal Hacker for Boot Strap Legal. Amy was included in the “Top Ten Women to Watch in LegalTech” by ABA and she served as legal counsel for one of the first crowdfunding firms to use 506c. Amy joins us to share the difference between a joint venture and a syndication, how to structure deals with passive investors and what you can and can’t say on social media. Key Market Insights Started doing international policy and governmental affairs Put together one of the first real estate crowdfunding pl

Investing in Chicago's South Side with Mark Ainley, Episode 85

Mark Ainley has rehabbed and stabilized over 450 properties and currently manages over 900 investment properties throughout the Chicagoland area. Mark is the co-founder of GCR&D, a full-service Real Estate Brokerage, Property Management, and real estate investment firm in the Chicago Market that consults with both local and out of state investors on the acquisition, stabilization, and management of their rental property portfolio. GCRI has become one of the premier turnkey companies in Chicago, working with both US and International investors. Key Market Insights Started investing back in 2003 Helps out of town investors looking on the South Side of Chicago Porches in Chicago can be a chall

Impacting Communities Through Real Estate with Matthew Perry, Episode 84

Matthew Perry learned about real estate in school and started flipping houses as a college student. What started out as a means to make beer money, turned into a passion for making an impact through real estate. He focuses on projects that have a direct and tangible impact on communities, flipping roughly 50 projects throughout New England and about 100 wholesale transactions. On today’s episode, he shares how he got started without a plan and how he’s refined the process since. In addition, he shares how his work impacts communities and provides an overview of the Boston market. Key Market Insights Fascinated by the different pockets of neighborhoods in Atlanta Conduct an intense 2-3 week m