How to Evaluate Real Estate Syndications, Part 3: The Deal

This is the third and final installment of a special 3-part series on How to Evaluate Real Estate Syndications. The first article shared how to vet a sponsor. The second piece focused on evaluating the market. This final piece addresses how to review the actual deal and investment opportunity. Before we jump into the actual deal, it’s important to reference the key takeaways from the first two pieces. The operator is going to be the most important aspect of the deal. They should have the ability to pull together an all-star team and demonstrate an ability to develop and execute a solid business plan. The operator should also be resourceful enough to navigate challenges that may arise. The ma

Keys to Turnkey Investing with Mike Jordan, Episode 83

Mike Jordan is a Detroit native with $100 million in transactions under his belt. He started in real estate on the construction side, before becoming a property manager and then a broker. Now, he helps investors from all over find great deals in the rebounding Detroit market. On this episode, he shares how his firm Strategy Properties looks for the path of progress in Detroit, the due diligence investors need to take when buying out of market and how to find the right team to be your boots on the ground. Key Market Insights Started in construction, saved up money and then got into real estate Became accidental landlord in 2008 and looked to scale Bought notes, foreclosures, buy and hold and

Real Estate Investing for Seniors with Bill Manassero, Episode 82

After over 20 years in business, as an entrepreneur and in music, Bill Manassero spent years doing mission work in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As he approached his retirement years, he turned to real estate and began helping other seniors learn how to leverage real estate to sustain them during their golden years. On this episode, Bill shares why he moved from turnkey rentals to multifamily investing and gives tips for anyone looking to tap into real estate to supplement their retirement. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Market Insights Working with Child Hope International to help abandoned and at-risk kids in Haiti Launched a series of micro businesses to teach Haitian

Finding Work Life Balance through Apartments with Mark Kenney, Episode 81

Mark Kenney knew he had to make a change. After his wife, Tamiel, expressed concerns regarding their marriage due to his long work hours, they agreed to focus on buying commercial apartments to generate passive income. Fast forward and they now own over 3,600 units. In addition, last year they helped others acquire 2,500 units. Today, Mark shares why apartment investing was the solution he needed to balance his financial goals and family commitments. In addition, he talks about the Dallas market and other areas, he’s investing in currently. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Market Insights Mark and his wife Tamiel are the founders of Think Multifamily Has invested in

Emerging Markets and Underwriting Tips with Brian Burke, Episode 80

What’s it going to be worth when I’m done? Answering this question is how Brian Burke underwrites large multifamily deals. However, to truly answer this question requires a deep understanding of the market and an accurate projection of the income statement. Brian is the President and CEO of Praxis Capital, a vertically integrated real estate private equity firm, founded in 2001. Brian has been investing since 1989 and has acquired over 700 properties, including over 2,000 multifamily units. Brian came on the show to share how he analyzes multiple markets and to stay ahead of the cycle and what to look for when underwriting deals. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Mar

Building Generational Wealth Through Multifamily with Juan Vargas, Episode 79

Building generational wealth consists of many investment strategies, but real estate seems to be a common choice. Many seek to buy single family homes to fix and flip, but is there a better way to create wealth through real estate? Today’s guest, Juan Vargas shares time-tested means to do just that. While others do-it-themselves, he shares that leveraging on other’s experience is key to real estate success. Juan hosts the Commit To Wealth Podcast, and also shares about the major role multifamily plays in wealth building. What’s more, he gives insights on the Houston market, hot sub-markets and winning off-market deals. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Market Insight