Diversifying Passive Investments Through Real Estate with Alina Trigub, Episode 78

After witnessing several market crashes in her lifetime, Alina Trigub knew she had to find alternative ways to preserve her wealth outside of Wall Street. Armed with extensive research skills, she looked deeply into real estate and decided to start through syndication. Thus far, she continues to diversify her portfolio by investing in various asset classes. She stepped up her real estate game by starting her own company which helps investors protect and multiply their wealth. On this episode, Alina shares about getting started, alternative investments, syndication and asset diversification. She shares more about approaching target markets, vetting partners and establishing business relations

Helping Women Build Wealth Through Real Estate with Monick Halm, Episode 77

Monick Halm’s Haitian parents taught her to get a good job as either a doctor, lawyer, professor or engineer. She chose law and it wasn’t until she went to purchase her own home in Los Angeles that she started learning about real estate investing. She ended up house-hacking with a friend and realized the advantages to creating passive income. Then she met a mentor who introduced her to apartment syndication and she quickly acquired over 1,000 units in 1 year! However, she realized there weren’t many women investors, so she made it her mission to educate women about real estate investing. She started an online community, a podcast and authored a book targeted to women investors. Monick joined

Finding and Closing Off-Market Deals with Joseph Gozlan, Episode 76

Successful investors have a knack for finding the path of progress. Where the progress goes, the money follows. In today’s show, Joseph Gozlan, a multifamily investment specialist, shares how he gets ahead of the progress happening North of Dallas. He talks about his current market (Celina and Lubbock) and how he finds other investment opportunities in Dallas. Plus, he shares valuable tips in finding and closing off-market deals, avoiding bad neighborhoods, choosing an apartment opportunity, and how not to lose money through multifamily investing. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Market Insights Born and raised in Israel, where he served as a lieutenant for the Isra

Secrets to Find an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent with John Warren, Episode 75

Finding the right real estate agent can be as valuable as finding a good deal. However, many agents seldom know much about the investment space. Hiring the wrong agent can cause investors to miss out on valuable information to determine if a deal is good or bad. But how do you find an investor-friendly agent? John Warren is an investor and realtor for Second City Real Estate, a brokerage that works with investors to buy and sell investment real estate. On this episode, John shares about choosing the right agents and the red flags to regard before sealing the deal. He also shares about the market condition of Chicago and the Western suburbs, managing risks, and a secret to finding a good off-