Investing in Raw Land with 300% Returns with Mark Podolsky, Episode 74

Mark Podolsky was an investment banker back in 2000, analyzing income statements in search of the diamond in the rough. So, when a co-worker stated that he was getting a 300% ROI on land investing, he thought it was too good to be true. He took a road trip to the auction and used funds set aside for car repairs to buy his first land investment. 18 months later, he quit his investment banking job to focus on land investing full time. Since then, Mark has completed over 5000 deals and authored the book, Dirt Rich. Known as The Land Geek, Mark joined us on this episode to share key tips and insights about this less common niche in real estate – land investing. Mark talked about its advantages,

Boosting NOI through Smart Technology with Resha Shroff, Episode 73

Smart homes are all the rage and many short-term rental and long-term apartment owners are taking notice. Technology is appealing to many renters and guests, but when implemented right, it can drive revenue for owners. Resha Shroff, CEO of Virtual Key, joined us to share how smart technology is boosting the bottom line for Class A and B properties and adding security and preventative services for Class C properties. She also shares some of the advantages, drawbacks, and opportunities with smart home technology. Key Market Insights Own multifamily and single family, both long term and short term rentals Had a problem turning short term rentals in a 4-hour window Did not know real-time when s

Building Wealth in Any Economy with M.C. Laubscher, Episode 72

M.C. Laubscher is a native South African who played rugby and travel and wound up playing rugby in the Ivy League at Princeton. Shortly after moving to the U.S., he discovered a book that changed his perception on money and finances, Rich Dad Poor Dad. This led him to his journey of studying wealth, investing and business for two decades. M.C. shares his 20 years of knowledge as a wealth and investment strategist, financial educator and the host of a top-rated business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja. On this episode, he shares about building a wealth strategy that expands beyond the stock market, taking advantage of the current market cycle, and building a successful brand. Key Market

Become a Lien Lord with Scott Carson, Episode 71

“Everybody’s in the paper game, most are just on the wrong side of the payments,” states Scott Carson. He's been in the mortgage, finance, and banking industry since 2001 and actively buying notes since 2005. Nicknamed, “The Note Guy,” Scott has closed on over half a billion of assets and teaches others how to become lien lords instead of landlords. On this episode he explains why he focuses on buying non-performing notes, where to buy, and key differences with commercial notes. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Market Insights Inspired by HGTV, Scott Carson started with flips, but they flopped Flips flopped because he over-renovated the properties He became a mortg