How to Manage Out of State Properties with Sep Bekam, Episode 65

Sep Bekam had a plan to be set for life. Study for 20 years, get a job and earn money. But after learning the sad truth that money devalues over time through inflation, he knew he had to change course. He added an investment property on the side while working as an electrical engineer. Like any novice, he learned valuable lessons from his leap. Instead of welcoming checks on his first properties, he got eviction after eviction. He learned valuable lessons that have helped him manage out of market investments. Sep had already left corporate America at the age of 31 and has been set for a more thrilling life in real estate. On this episode, he shares helpful insights on vetting property manage

Finding Real Estate Opportunities in Hot Markets with Josh Eitingon, Episode 64

Sometimes it takes a bit of blind confidence to get going. Take Josh Eitingon for example. He has always been drawn to multifamily real estate. So at 25, he jumped at a short sale opportunity for a distressed 20-unit property in a neighborhood he wouldn’t want to hang out in at night. He didn’t have the capital so he raised debt equity for the deal. His early vigor led to a portfolio growth in multiple markets. He is the perfect epitome of starting, then learning and improving along the way. Learn how Josh positions himself and his team to be at the forefront of advantageous opportunities in hot markets. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Market Insights: Drawn to mul

How to Network Through Social Media with Adam Adams, Episode 63

Adam Adams is known as Triple A amongst real estate circles and has developed a networking regimen that puts most socialites to shame. When he’s not hosting a meetup or his Creative Real Estate podcast, he’s on social media sites connecting with other investors and building his massive network. He has over 19,900 connections on LinkedIn and hosts the most active real estate meetup in Colorado. On this episode, he shares how capital raisers and all entrepreneurs can use social media, LinkedIn and meetup groups t grow their business. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify Key Market Insights Grew up around real estate, but Adam wasn’t into it In 2005, his father bought him his

The Wealth Formula with Buck Joffrey, Episode 62

If you spent over a decade training to become a surgeon, would you give it all up after only 6 years of practice? For most professionals, it’s a no-brainer, but not Buck Joffrey. When a nagging feeling of pursuing entrepreneurship hit him, he set up a business to transition fully from being a physician to an investor. Since then, he continues to build 7 to 8 figure businesses remotely. Given his professional background, he made it his mission to provide financial education for high earning professionals through his podcast, The Wealth Formula. On this episode, he shares tips for investors and syndicators, how to build a track record, and the Wealth Formula. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Goo