Checkbook Control for Your Retirement Plan with Bernard Reisz, Episode 61

Bernard Reisz is a CPA with extensive experience in alternative investments. He founded ReSure LLC & ReSure Financial Advisors. With a background in financial and tax analysis for institutional and personal investors, Reisz helps to empower investors to take control of their retirement accounts in accordance with their asset preferences. On this episode, Bernard shares tips to leverage tax-advantaged vehicles to maximize your retirement investments. Key Market Insights CPA with extensive experience in alternative investments Founder of ReSure LLC & ReSure Financial Advisors LLC Retirement Accounts: 401k and IRAs are tax-advantaged vehicles that earn interests and dividends without paying tax

Key Metrics for Multifamily Investments with Devin Elder, Episode 60

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Devin Elder was inspired to become an entrepreneur after observing his business-minded brother. Before fulfilling that dream, he started a corporate career in a handful of small tech companies in San Antonio as a salesperson. Those roles provided invaluable sales skills, which helped with his real estate investments. After some insightful reading, he realized the need to create passive income which led him to the world of real estate. He founded DJE Texas Management Group which now consists of a portfolio of 670 units. On this episode, he breaks down the San Antonio market and shares key metrics to consider in multifamily investments, transitioning from single

Find Deals and Stop Chasing Returns with Ivan Barratt, Episode 59

Growing up in a family of investors, Ivan Barratt had a taste of real estate during his formative years. Since then, he had set his goal of becoming an investor himself. He studied about the industry and even worked a commission-based job just to gain experience. At his lowest point, he started a property management company Barratt Asset Management out of his spare bedroom and slowly began acquiring properties. Fast forward, he became a multifamily owner, manager, and syndicator, who specializes in an agency and FHA finance project. Based in Indianapolis, he focuses on strong Midwest markets with a long-term strategy. On this episode, he shares his thoughts on managing properties, finding d

How to Create a Lifetime of Cash Flow with Rod Khleif, Episode 58

After only a few years in the industry, he had already built an empire. In his head, he was a real estate god and had created a lifetime of cash flow. Then, the crash of 2008 shook the entire economy. Rod Khleif crashed and lost $50 million dollars. With such a loss, he shifted his gears and focused on his mental makeup. Armed with a $50 million dollar lesson, he learned from his mistakes and dove straight into investments. To date, Rod had successfully used real estate to create a lifetime of cash flow that also gives him opportunities to help others. He is the host of the #1 real estate podcast, Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing. On this episode, he passionately shares his