Student Housing Investments vs. Multifamily with Jeff Greenberg, Episode 57

50 years of hard work cannot guarantee a good retirement. Take it from Jeff Greenberg, who had walked that path. After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, he faced the reality that his retirement may not sustain his lifestyle. Before finally hitting the mark, he started looking into real estate. He found a niche in student housing investments and after years of persistence he has become an expert. On this episode, Jeff shares compares multifamily to student housing investments: mistakes to avoid, factors to consider, finding opportunities, and picking the right market. Key Market Insights Worked for the government agencies as well as private and public organizations for over 50 years Faced with the

How to Get Rich with Debt with Gena Lofton, Episode 56

Having been in the foster care system, Gena Lofton had a fear of being homeless. In her mind, the only way to elude such a circumstance was to own the land herself. Motivated by this fear, she focused on financial freedom - having sufficient passive income that covers all of her living expenses. Fast forward and she has achieved her goal after acquiring over 4,000 apartment units and other passive income assets. On this episode, she shares her inspiring story, her formula to financial freedom through debt and reducing taxes, and the key places to invest. Key Market Insights Grew up in the foster care system in Southern California, which created a fear of being homeless Learned why passive in

Live for Free through House-Hacking with Weston Harding, Episode 55

Originally from Houston, Weston Harding was about to move to Dallas for a job. Before his supposed move, he had a serious conversation with his father over lunch and was advised to explore another big city. He wound up moving to Chicago, where he took a one-day mentorship with Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation resulting to a career in the commercial real estate. Fast forward and Weston has become well-respected in the Chicagoland real estate and sits on the board of directors of the reputable foundation. Geared with expertise and knowledge, he founded X Plus Real Estate in 2011, the no. 1 seller of 2-4 unit property in Chicago to date. Without holding back, he shared about 2-4 unit properties,

Self-directed IRA for Capital Raisers with Adam Sypniewski, Episode 54

Only a novice in the industry, Adam Sypniewski witnessed the benefits of a self-directed IRA in the year 2008. It was the time when investors started pulling their investments from public securities due to the economic downturn. The turn of events shed light on the industry given its leniency over asset diversification in terms of investment. Now, Adam is a senior member of the business development team at Midland IRA, with over 10 years of experience in alternative investments and custody solutions for capital raising advisers, investors, and other financial service providers. On this episode, he shares what is a self-directed IRA, its difference from a traditional IRA, its limitations and

From Medical Offices to Multifamily with Dan Handford, Episode 53

Are you the general in your business or are you on the front lines engaged in battle? To oversee 11 business entities, five non-surgical orthopedic clinics, become a multifamily investor, and launch a new daily podcast with 60 episodes per month, Dan Handford had to adjust his role to become a true general. He shares how he manages his multiple businesses and what he seeks in the Charlotte MSA and South Carolina markets when opening a medical office, as well as investing in value-add apartments. Key Market Insights Opened medical offices in South Carolina: Columbia, North Augusta, Greenville, Charleston, Fort Mills Specialty clinic being alternative to avoid surgery Target demos for medical