Analyzing Your Multifamily Spreadsheet with Omar Khan, Episode 52

That underwriting spreadsheet you just downloaded is not all it’s cracked up to be, according to Omar Khan. He has some controversial opinions on how many gurus are educating students on underwriting and syndication for multifamily and doesn't hold back during our chat. Omar is a CFA charterholder, who has advised on $3.7 billion of capital financing. On this episode, Omar shares some great tips to step up your underwriting and helps passive investors identify conservative underwriting. Key Market Insights Family always owned office buildings Hard work begins after you have the deal Many investors acquire properties and quickly hand it over to a 3rd party property manager $90 spreadsheet ca

Highlights from the First 50 Episodes with Geetika Casmon

Last week’s episode marked the 50th episode of the Target Market Insights podcast. On this episode, Geetika Casmon, partner at Casmon Capital Group, joins John to recap some of the key learnings and top tips from the first 50 guests. They also explore lessons learned from launching the podcast, takeaways from the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit and an update on their latest acquisition. Key Market Insights Why John decided to start the Target Market Insights podcast What John would have done differently launching a podcast Top guests and tips from the first 50 episodes Using the podcast to educate investors on market research and marketing to find real estate deals and build a strong r

How to Generate Qualified Buyer and Seller Leads with Erik Stark, Episode 50

Generating quality leads is keen for any marketer, especially for real estate investors seeking motivated sellers or cash buyers. And while many treat it as a volume game, sending out hundreds or even thousands of emails and letters, Erik Stark has devised a unique system that entices qualified sellers and buyers to reach out to him instead. Erik is the co-creator and co-founder of The Drunk Letter and SmartSell Property Selling System. Based in Florida, Erik focuses his investing in the metro Detroit area and joins the show to share his best tips on creating successful lead generation systems. Key Market Insights An honorary Fortune Builders student from using the systems after meeting Th

Buying Low and Avoiding Bubbles with Daniel Ameduri, Episode 49

After warning family and friends in 2007 about the coming market and mortgage collapse, Daniel Ameduri started his own YouTube channel, VisionVictory, which has received 10 million video views. Not listening to his own advice, Daniel made a bad bet with Southern California's real estate market, which wiped out his entire income and savings, leaving him broke. With a special focus and passion for personal finance, he re-built his wealth and declared financial independence in 2012. Daniel is the co-founder of Future Money Trends and shares his best investing tips and how to grow a strong audience. Key Market Insights At 13, joined martial arts and had a mentor who was a real estate investor “W