Finding Deals in Emerging Markets with Ola Dantis, Episode 48

After being invited to Dubai to help stabilize a client’s real estate business, Ola Dantis realized he needed to be investing in real estate. He has a background as an analyst for a Fortune 10 company, but he is an entrepreneur at heart and founded Dwellyn, a multifamily investing firm. An avid traveler who lived in Nigeria and the United Kingdom before moving to the U.S., Ola now lives in Baltimore. He and his wife have successfully managed multifamily and rehab projects, and are now working with other investors. Ola is also the host of the popular podcast, the Dwellyn Show. Key Market Insights Born in Nigeria, at 16 went to UK, before landing in Florida Wife was interning at Disney in Orla

Real Estate Strategies for Millennials with Mark Douglas, Episode 47

After working four years as a mortgage underwriter, Mark Douglas realized his passion was music and corporate America was not for him. However, he didn’t want to be a starving artist and needed steady income to help pay the bills while he pursued his interests. This 25-year old started investing with a house hack, where he lived in one unit and rented out the other. He then purchased a four-unit that allowed him to quit his job and focus on the things he loves, including his music. In 2017, he launched Freeing Tomorrow to help other millennials learn about real estate investing and wise money management and today he shares his tips for other millennials seeking to pursue their passions. Key

Building a $100 Million Brokerage with Chris Watters, Episode 46

From sleeping on his girlfriend’s couch, Chris Watters built Watters International Realty, a team-based brokerage that has catapulted to the top of the Austin market. Focused on a team-based approach, Watters International Realty began opening branches across Texas and partnered with other successful agents and team leaders to close over $100+ Million in sales. Watters International Realty has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal and Inc. 5000. On this episode, Chris shares how he scaled the brokerage and why his model helps newer agents close more deals. Key Market Insights In 2009, became a prospector by calling on expired listings Built a team model …real estate broker with hundreds

From No Experience to AirBnB Rock Star with Walter McCormick, Episode 45

They say no one vacations in Cleveland, but don’t tell that to Walter McCormick. Last year, he began renting his Ohio City home on AirBnB and has attracted travelers from all over the world. Guests love staying at his home due to its location and the superb customer service Walt provides. On this episode, he shares his tips and strategies for cultivating a thriving AirBnB business in the Midwest. Key Market Insights Spent time as a pre-school teacher, for IRS, and in IT Grew up in Cleveland Heights on the East Side and moved to Ohio City on the West Side in 2016 One of the first major cities in Ohio, 5 minutes from downtown Cleveland Ohio City used to be a separate city from Ohio – home of

How to Acquire 85 Units by Age 23 with Chris Salazar, Episode 44

While his peers were cutting class to kick back and enjoy the perks of college life, Chris Salazar was cutting class to learn more about real estate. At just 23 years old, Chris has already amassed an 85-unit portfolio in the Quad Cities. He is the co-founder and partner at Arsenal Properties investing in single and multifamily properties. With his commitment to learning and passion for real estate, he is helping other ambitious Millenials expedite their growth in real estate. Key Market Insights Cut class to spend more time learning about RE Started investment club in college Did first wholesale deal at 20 Quad Cities: Rock Island, IL, Davenport, IA, Moline and East Moline 400k population i