How to Find Apartment Deals in a Hot Market with Michael Becker, Episode 43

Michael Becker has built an impressive portfolio worth over $400 million in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He’s done this primarily based on excellent industry relationships and thoroughly knowing his market. As the head of SPI’s Dallas, Texas office, Michael oversees all aspects of property operations. Michael co-hosts the Old Capital Real Estate podcast and on this episode, he shares why it’s not too late to invest in DFW and why he’s locked in on the Fort Worth area. Key Market Insights Life-long resident of North Texas Background is banking, primarily commercial real estate lending Purchased 25 properties, 5,200 units Focused on light value add, 15% more below market rents Class B Apartment

Investing in Detroit’s Recovery with Brent Maxwell, Episode 42

Like the city he calls home, Brent Maxwell was hit hard a decade ago when the economy crashed. And just like his city, his grit, will and determination allowed him to survive and rebuild. Today, Brent is the Managing Director of IPS Realty, where he helps others invest in Detroit’s booming neighborhoods, mainly on the East Side. He constantly monitors Detroit real estate, allowing him to identify the edge of hip areas and ride the wave. On this episode, he shares more about his experience, the city of Detroit and his best tips to find emerging areas. Key Market Insights Transition is happening in the areas beyond Detroit’s central business district There was a talent exodus in 2008, but now

How to Find Investors Online with Allison Kirschbaum, Episode 41

With no credibility, Allison raised money from a private investor for her first deal. How? First, she had a strong business plan based on her deep market knowledge. Second, she was professional, using the proper lingo and a professional investment sheet. Though she’s only 25, she’s built an impressive portfolio and is now helping other real estate investors find investors through social media and content platforms. Learn why Allison insists that you must intimately know your market and have a granular investing strategy to find your ideal clients. Key Market Insights • Trained sales teams for the largest currency exchange in the world • Took a desk job in Colorado, but felt it was an

How Does Real Estate Syndication Work?

I'm happy to share a special guest post from Pamela Starnes, author of the real estate blog, Physician REI. Pamela runs a medical practice and partners with investors to buy apartments and mobile home communities - similar to our approach. In this post, she tackles a question I'm asked frequently, so I thought it would be great to share this overview on real estate syndications. Be sure to check out her blog and reach out to Pamela at Since the original publication, I've updated Pamela's original article with more questions that I often receive regarding syndications, along with new resources. In its simplest form real estate syndication is pooling investor money toget

Renovating Flooded Homes and Out-of-State Apartments with Jason and Pili Yarusi, Episode 40

Most investors would never even think of investing in flooded homes, but not Jason and Pili Yarusi. This real estate power couple began flipping flooded homes in New Jersey and raising their elevation. It’s no wonder they excelled at more traditional flips and are focused on renovating apartment communities. As the hosts of the REI Foundation podcast, they help others learn how to build solid real estate footings through the steps and missteps from other investors. On this episode, they explain their approach to renovating flooded homes in New Jersey and how they identified Louisville, Kentucky as an ideal market for out of state apartment investing through their commercial asset firm, Oak C