Due Diligence Tips for Buying Apartments with Nathan Tabor, Episode 39

Nathan Tabor has operated more than two-dozen businesses since 1999, grossing over $150 million in sales. He was introduced to real estate when a man came to his used car lot with a building he needed to sell. Since then Nathan has successfully flipped 26 properties in 9 years, grossing over $52 million in sales and has consulted on deals worth over $200 million. He’s had amazing successes and epic failures, and is the author of How to find, finance, fix and flip apartments. Today, he shares his take on the Winston-Salem market and his best due diligence tips when acquiring apartments. Key Market Insights Ran a “buy here, pay here” car lot when a guy walked in and said he had an 18-unit comp

Flipping 40 Homes a Year in a Hot Market with Tarl Yarber, Episode 38

They say do what you love, yet Tarl Yarber has become one of the top rehabbers in Seattle without even liking real estate. The founder of Fixated Real Estate, Tarl’s secret is developing systems that enable him to replicate a success formula. Find out why Dropbox is a critical resource for managing his flips, how he found new submarkets when his core area became too hot in Seattle and why the path of progress leads to Tacoma. Key Market Insights Attended a seminar 13 years ago with Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Ron LeGrand and Marshall Sylver Bought a $1,500 personal development program, then bought a $900 program on wholesaling to pay for the first program Went into debt collection over $4

Escaping the Corner of Complacency with Jay Morrison, Episode 37

Jay Morrison was a troubled youth, who found himself hustling on the corner before being locked up at a young age. While on parole, he found real estate and decided to leave his corner. Jay went from being a three-time felon to a three-time author and creator of a $50 million real estate fund. As the CEO and Founder of the Jay Morrison Academy, Jay has become known as “Mr. Real Estate,” sharing his knowledge with his students, troubled youth, ex-offenders and real estate pros. Jay’s focus now is helping others leave their personal corner of complacency. On today’s episode, Jay shares how being involved in community meetings afforded him the inside track on early deals and why he focuses on s

How to Profit $10K a Month on a Single House with Gene Guarino, Episode 36

After weighing the dreaded decision of placing his mother in a senior home, Gene Guarino realized there had to be a better solution than the big box retirement centers. What he found was a lucrative and underserved niche for senior assisted living homes. Gene shares how this strategy nets $10k per month, per house and why the demand should only grow in the future. Key Market Insights Started at 18, was a professional musician and ended up buying the place they were renting with no money down and made 90k profit five years later Property was $28,500 and they borrowed $10,000 and took an assumable loan 15 years ago heard about senior housing, but when his mom needed help he realized options we