The Book is the New Business Card with Nick Raithel, Episode 35

Ever lose or toss a business card? My guess is you probably wouldn’t toss a book from an author you just met. That’s part of the reason Nick Raithel believes that books are the new business card. With books being easier to publish and distribute than ever before, now is a perfect time to become a real estate author. Nick runs a service to help real estate investors tell their stories and create a book in just 7 hours. On this episode, Nick talks about finding your target audience, becoming a subject expert and why it’s important to tell your story and cement your legacy even if you haven’t achieved massive success ….yet. Key Market Insights Always interested in reading, even with the digital

Selecting U.S. Markets from Europe with Billy Keels, Episode 34

Ever go on a trip and wish you could just stay and not return? Well, Billy Keels did just that when he left for a sabbatical to Europe 17 years ago. This native of Columbus, Ohio now lives in Barcelona, where he works in sales and helps others invest in U.S. real estate. Today, we talk about how he selects his markets from Spain, as well as how he manages to put deals together and oversee a team from overseas. Key Market Insights Billy is originally from Columbus, OH Hired for a corporate sales job that allowed him to travel to Europe Did a sabbatical and ended up marrying a Spanish woman and staying Watched stocks lose over 30% of value in 2008 and realized he needed to invest in different

Investing in America’s Heartland with Sterling Anderson, Episode 33

Omaha may be best known for being the home of Warren Buffett, but Sterling Anderson is another budding investor making a name for himself in the area. Sterling is the founder of Overbrook Properties investing in single family and multifamily in Omaha, Kansas City and Atlanta. Today, he talks to us about scaling from wholesaling to multifamily, the Omaha and Kansas City markets and finding emerging sub-markets. Key Market Insights Born and raised in Omaha, but does more deals in KC Started with wholesaling then moved to rentals and flips Mentors helped him expand to multifamily Inventory is tight in Omaha for flips, but you can find rentals all day Likes North Omaha as a great rental market;

Crowdfunding Pros and Cons with Craig Cecilio, Episode 32

Crowdfunding platforms have sprung up in recent years with many similarities. Most crowdfunding sites were developed by technology people to curate deals from other syndicators. However, Craig Cecilio built DiversyFund based on nearly 20 years of experience in real estate to syndicate his own developments. Based in San Diego, Craig syndicates development deals all across California. Today, he shares more info on crowdfunding and things to consider before taking the leap. Key Market Insights • Grew up on the East Coast and learned the best way to get wealthy was in real estate • Came across syndicators at 20 and learned how to put together deals • Had a knack for technology, whi