The Blueprint for Financial Freedom with Ash Cash, Episode 31

Being a banker, Ash Exantus aka Ash Cash, saw many high-salary workers struggling to qualify for loans. After almost losing his house, he changed his relationship with money and sought to help others do the same. Ash has been interviewed by CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise, BET and many more. Today, he shares his story and explains why Jay-Z’s latest album inspired him to pen The Wake Up Call: Financial Inspiration Learned from 4:44, a step-by-step guide to help others create a dynasty and achieve financial freedom. Key Market Insights From Harlem, NYC, grew up in the Nicholas Housing Projects Became a teller at 19 and loved banking, eventually rising to CEO of a cr

How to Bounce Back from Failure with Damion Lupo, Episode 30

Damion Lupo turned a rental house purchased on a VISA card into 150 houses in 7 states in less than 5 years. Then he watched a $20,000,000 portfolio implode. After that “failure,” he bounced back and rebuilt his wealth in 24 months. That failure was the foundation to his freedom. He is the host of the Transformation Nation podcast, owner of 37 companies over 25 years and founder of his own martial art called Yokido™. Today, he shares his approach to recover from a negative situation and how to create success. Key Market Insights Started buying real estate with a VISA credit card Built a $20MM portfolio and rolled it off the cliff in 2008 People tend to avoid mistakes rather than looking

Leveraging the Rocket Fuel of Self-Direct IRAs with Carl Fischer, Episode 29

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out self-directed IRAs, but it may have before the age of the Internet. Fortunately, Carl Fischer, a third generation real estate investor, graduated from Cornell and went directly into rocket science. However, when his father passed, he dealt with the estate and stumbled across an investor using a self-directed IRA. That experience led him to learn more about SDIRAs and he was amazed at how little info was available at the time. He went on to fund CamaPlan to help others leverage the power of SDIRA investing. Learn more about how SDIRAs can serve as rocket fuel to blast up your retirement account. Key Market Insights 3rd generation real estate in

Secrets to Getting and Managing Good Contractors

One consist complaint you hear from investors is how hard it is to find good general contractors. In the real estate investing world, contractors have developed a bad reputation, some of it is deserved, but many of these contractors have well intentions. There’s even a joke about the first three letters of contractor spelling CON. When people ask me for a recommendation for a general contractor, the best I can do is provide names of people to interview with a clear warning that I am not “referring” them. Unless the investor is willing to pay a premium, I wouldn’t be willing to bet my reputation by personally referring most contractors. Related: Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Referrals Recently I

Making Massive Money in Mobile Home Parks with Kevin Bupp, Episode 28

Would you like residents who stay for 10+ years, handle their own repairs and find new renters when they do leave? Consider investing in mobile home parks. Kevin Bupp has spent the last 5 years investing in mobile home park communities and explains that this misunderstood niche is more about affordability than quality. Kevin is the host of two top real estate podcasts, Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow and Mobile Home Park Academy. Today, he talks about housing affordability and massive returns in the only real estate class that is seeing a diminishing supply. Key Market Insights Started investing at the age of 19 after being invited to a real estate bootcamp Asked his mentor if he could h

From Flips to Small Multifamily Cashflow with Tyler Sheff, Episode 27

After a career as a police officer, Tyler Sheff began flipping houses with tremendous success. However, he did not anticipate the crushing tax bill, which forced him to rethink his strategy. Now Tyler invests in small multifamily properties for cash flow in both Tampa, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee. He is a licensed real estate agent, problem solver, educator, investor, syndicator and the founder of On today’s show, he talks about his strategies, how he invests from afar in Memphis and why Tampa is so hot that buyers are getting into fistfights over properties. Key Market Insights A former police officer, Tyler got his real estate license in 2000 and began fixing and flipp