Corporate Housing and Furnished Rentals with Tim Touchette, Episode 26

Before the days of AirBnB, Tim Touchette recognized a demand for short term housing as an alternative to hotels in the Washington D.C. market. After buying a furnished rental, he experimented with finding his audience until he found his niche with corporate housing. Tim is the founder of Attache Property Management and Attache Corporate Housing, managing 280 furnished rentals in the Downtown DC area. He shares his best tips on investing in corporate housing, where this strategy works best and some of the key differences between AirBnB. Key Market Insights Purchased a furnished rental based on a realtor suggestion Found renters through classified ads in the newspaper, talking to friends, and

Why Apartments Beat Stocks From a Former Broker with John Cohen, Episode 25

After a 9-month interview process, John Cohen earned a job as stock broker with Morgan Stanley at the tender age of 22. However, the day he started he saw grown men crying over the Facebook IPO and ended up quitting that same day. From there John put his energy into real estate, first as a commercial broker and then as an investor and multifamily syndicator. John gives some great tips on investing in multiple markets and growing a real estate business on this episode of Target Market Insights. Key Market Insights Started career as a stockbroker, but hated the lack of control over company execs and their decisions Facebook IPO was defining moment, saw grown men having meltdowns, quit the sam

How I Closed on My First Large Apartment Complex

Recently, we closed on a 192-unit apartment complex in San Antonio, Texas. This is by far our largest deal to date and I’ve had quite a few people ask me how we were able to acquire such a large deal. Before I can answer that question I have to dispel a myth about how large deals like this are done. I used to think that large apartments were owned by the super-wealthy. I mean who else can afford to buy a multi-million dollar apartment complex? Well, the truth is larger deals are usually purchased by a group of investors, often in what is known as syndication. In the simplest terms, syndication is pooling together resources to acquire an asset. While it may seem intimidating to buy 192 units

Making Real Estate Sandwiches with Whitney Nicely, Episode 24

As a fourth generation entrepreneur, Whitney Nicely was expected to work in the family business, but her vision differed drastically from her grandfather’s outdated views on gender roles. She decided to branch out on her own as a real estate investor and found her niche was in sandwich lease options, not making sandwiches. Since then she has helped train hundreds of future real estate rock stars to grow their portfolios and achieve financial freedom. On today’s episode, she breaks down the Knoxville, TN market, explains why every woman entrepreneur should look to real estate and how sandwich lease options are extremely profitable, quick and require little money up front. Key Market Insights

How to Invest in a Suburban Market with Ben Walhood, Episode 23

Ben Walhood is the President of the Chicago Area REIA, the largest non-profit real estate organization in Illinois. He is also an investor operating predominantly in the western suburbs of Chicago. He fixes-and-rents residential properties in working class neighborhoods. He has been interviewed by CNBC and the Chicago Tribune, and he has been a featured guest on the BiggerPockets, Freedom Real Estate Investing, and Best Ever Real Estate podcasts. Today, he shares how he navigates the western suburbs and how you can win in the suburbs as well! Listen Now! Key Market Insights House hacked his first place in college, 3 bed, 2 bath for $150k Invested in Maywood as his first deal Was a neurosurg