Creating Elite Turnkey Rentals with Alex Al-Sabah, Episode 9

As the co-founder of Elite Invest, Alex Al-Sabah's efforts to improve the housing stock within the South Side of Chicago were recently profiled by Crain's Chicago Business. Though Alex is a California native, he discovered an opportunity to fix up homes in Chicago after creating a real estate valuation company to help banks determine market prices for foreclosures. On today’s episode of Target Market Insights, Alex shares his strategy for selecting neighborhoods, uplifting communities, designing desirable rentals, and working with investors. Listen Now! iTunesStitcherGoogle Play Key Market Insights Chicago has great market opportunities despite negative press Social impact on a neighborhood

From the Best Advice Ever to $175,000,000 with Joe Fairless, Episode 8

Joe Fairless has asked over 1,000 real estate professionals across the country for their best advice ever on his daily podcast, the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show. In less than two years, he’s used this advice to amass an impressive portfolio of over 2,000 units worth more than $175 million. Today, Joe shares his top insights and tips to navigate one of the hottest markets in the country, his hometown of Dallas-Fort Worth. Find out Joe’s best ever advice for identifying a target market and his fundamentals to buy right in any market and any cycle on this episode of Target Market Insights. Listen Now! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play. Key Market Insights Joe’s real es

Investing in the US with Reed Goossens, Episode 7

A passion for exploring led Reed Goossens to move from Australia to the US. After studying real estate in Australia, Reed was amazed that he could purchase real estate so cheaply in America. However, he soon ran out of money before discovering a new strategy to raise money and syndicate large apartment deals. On this episode, Reed shares his criteria for vetting target markets and sub-markets for large apartments and explains why investing in larger deals is actually less risky than smaller investments. Listen Now! iTunesStitcherGoogle Play Key Market Insights Started with a Class D, Section 8 triplex in Syracuse, NY Investing for beginners: Don’t just look at the numbers on the paper Two th

Quit Your Job, Rent Your Place And Travel The World with Jasper Ribbers, Episode 6

Curious about using AirBnB for your home or a rental? Today’s guest wrote the book on how to get paid for your pad, literally. Jasper Ribbers is the co-author of the Amazon Best Selling book, Get Paid For Your Pad – How To Maximize Income From Your AirBnB Listing. He also hosts the podcast of the same name. Jasper shares how he quit his job to move to Brazil and made $60,000 using AirBnB. He gives his tips and advice to help you maximize your income no matter where your property is located. Jasper also discusses why he sold his place in Amsterdam to invest in Columbia and the Philippines due to changing government regulations. No matter where you live or where you invest, if you are even rem

How to Master Your Market with Brie Schmidt, Episode 5

When evaluating deals some investors are data driven analysts, while others are instinctual entrepreneurs….or so it may seem. After starting on the north side of Chicago with a couple small apartments, Brie Schmidt expanded to Milwaukee and quickly grew her portfolio to 90+ units. She also helps other investors through her brokerage firm and her website Brie may tell you the growth was driven by gut instincts, but the reality is her instincts are refined by constantly studying the market. Listen as she shares the daily habit that allows her to seize opportunities, take decisive action and master her market on this episode of Target Market Insights. Listen Now! Subscribe

Investing in Undervalued Markets with Tony Hardy, Episode 4

The headlines paint the South Side of Chicago as a war zone, but today’s guest shares that parts of the South Side are not only welcoming, but also thriving. Tony Hardy is a senior associate at Marcus and Millichap overseeing multifamily investments primarily on the South Side of Chicago. He’s helping out of market investors obtain high yields and explains why South Shore is one of the most-undervalued neighborhoods in the Midwest. Listen Now! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play. Key Market Insights Value of a broker to clients: Help with buying, selling, and financing What it takes to field an offer: understand the players involved, provide appraisers with local data, understand wh

Capital and Community Investments with JR Foster, Episode 3

Today’s guest is passionately committed to the betterment and development of Cincinnati, sitting on numerous boards and working with developers, investors, bankers, government officials and corporations. JR Foster is the co-founder of Robert Louis Companies, one of the only minority-owned certified full-service commercial real estate brokerage and capital markets firms in the country. He seamlessly navigates the private, public and non-profit sectors to stay at the forefront of changing neighborhoods and development opportunities. Find out what he sees in his target market and how you can implement his strategies and techniques on this episode of Target Market Insights. Listen Now! iTunesSti

Quit Your Job Through Partnerships with Andrew Campbell, Episode 2

This Austin native quit his job after turning his sibling rivalry into a perfect partnership. Andrew Campbell and his brother formed a partnership to snowball a couple duplexes into 276 units in the red-hot Texas market. Andrew is the co-founder and Managing Director of Wildhorn Capital, a Multifamily Syndication Company focused on buying value-add properties in Texas. Learn how Andrew found his sweet spot in South Austin before expanding to other parts of Texas on this episode of Target Market Insights. Listen Now! iTunesStitcherGoogle Play Key Market Insights: Approach real estate investing with a get-rich-slow mentality The anatomy of a syndication deal: Andrew’s company functions as the

Finding the Path of Progress with Tryfon Christoforou, Episode 1

Tryfon Christoforou harnessed his family’s 30 years of development experience to co-found 3CRE, a commercial real estate brokerage firm that has completed over a billion dollars in transactions. He focuses on multifamily, helping out of market clients navigate Cincinnati to find the best investment for their goals. Find out why Tryfon sees Cincinnati as a stable market and which sub markets he’s identified along the path of progress. Listen Now! iTunesStitcherGoogle Play Key Market Insights The Cincinnati Market: huge corporate footprint, job stability and growth, attracting young professionals, street car development, Mllennials moving back into the city, growth mimicking that of Charlotte,