3 Easy Strategies to Leap Into Multifamily

Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned single-family investor, many aspire to eventually own multifamily apartments for its range of benefits over other sectors. However, many find the asset class to be overwhelming. The reality is multifamily investing doesn’t require ‘A Beautiful Mind’ for deal analysis or a Scrooge McDuck vault of riches to get started. Yes, you’ll want to learn the basics of how to analyze deals, particularly as it relates to a property’s finances compared with similar apartments. However, you don’t want to fall into analysis paralysis when what’s really holding you back is fear from your lack of experience. To be clear, I'm not suggesting that finding and putti

Building A Championship Real Estate Team

Yesterday, I watched two amazing victories, which underscored the value of having a great team. In a rematch of last year’s college football national championship game, the Clemson Tigers came back from behind in the 4th quarter to defeat the #1 ranked, reigning champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Led by junior quarterback DeShaun Watson, the Tigers overcame a sloppy start and a 14-point deficit to pull off an amazing upset, winning the game on a touchdown pass with only one second remaining in the game. But Watson didn’t do it alone, his receivers made big play after big play and the defense stumped Alabama’s passing game. The second victory featured my friend, coach and advisor hitting a sp